Welcome to Archipiélago!

Archipiélago is the integral center for learning of Spanish based on an intensive method. You will have a teacher only for you! You will be able to stay in with your teachers in the Archipiélago manor house, located in the historic center of the city of La Orotava, in Tenerife, while you talk, listen, write, and even dreaming in Spanish during the 24 hours of the day.

You will enjoy the spanish language and culture, and also you will enjoy this wonderful place of the Canary Islands in any moment of the year.

·         Individual tuition with qualified teachers.

·         Accommodation with teachers or in hotel.

·         In el Valle de La Orotava (Tenerife): spring during all the year, beaches, mountains, volcanoes, and unique landscapes.

·         Supporting attention: we organize courses for each learner and their personal requirements.

·         Preparation for the DELE (Diploma de Español Lengua Extranjera) of the Instituto Cervantes.

·         Special courses: Spanish oriented towards business, translators, , professionals in education, commercial Spanish, juridical Spanish, etc.




Many presume to be the greatest. We do not want that.

Archipiélago is located in a small city plenty of open, cozy people, where you will be able to join easily the associations or sports groups of your interest.

In the historic center of La Orotava, in a manor of the XVIII c., it is found Archipiélago. More than a school or an academy, Archipiélago offers to its learners a complete program of activities to learn Spanish with the best method: by enjoying your stay with us. We wish you to combine your learning with a pleasant stay or holidays with a useful study. To that, our teaching staff offers you particular individual classes.

But studies are not the unique activities in Archipiélago. Every day the learner will participate in visits to the towns of the island, museums, the astronomic observatory, beaches, hiking through valleys and coasts and conferences, among other things. Also, Archipiélago works in collaboration with other groups to practice diving, horse riding, golf or paragliging. We dedicate special importance to the Spanish and Hipanico-American cinema. You will even participate in courses of handcraft, cooking, theater and play sports.


Why studying Spanish?


Many are the reasons that explain why there can be found more and more people learning spanish: because of its cultural wealth, because of its las literary tradition or because of its growing importance in the world of work. Spoken by 400 million people, Spanish has, unlike other languages, a linguistic and grammatical unit. Its influence grows day by day and its learning is spreading through Europe, United States of America, Brazil or Asia.

Knowledge on languages is determining in the professional assessment and, Spanish undoubtedly is the latin language that will spread most during the XXI c..

It, joined with the pleasure of reading in your own language to Cervantes, Borges, Lorca or García Márquez, makes your decision of learning Spanish entirely appropriate. ¡Congratulations!


Every season is good to visit the Canary Islands.

The peak hotel season is that of winter(18 degrees of temperature in January: 18 degrees) though the summer is also very agreeable(25 degrees of everage temperature in August).

As for the holidays, here stand out the carnivals, in which all the inhabitants of the island take part with their fantasy and creativity, also put into the holidays of the Corpus Christi(May - June), those in which the streets and squares of The Orotava are covered with carpets of flowers and tapestries of sand.

Every learner chooses the duration of their courses in the date that better is convenient for each one and, before beginning the classes, does a Spanish language test to assign the suitable level.

Cultural exchange

Many presume to be the best. We want to be small. Archipiélago is in a small city full of opened and cozy people where you will be able to join easily the cultural associations or in the sports groups of your interest. You will be able to take part in courses of crafts, kitchen, theatre, to practise sports, etc.

La Orotava will receive you with open arms. The hospitality is the principal characteristic of the Canary islands and in Tenerife you will be able to do what you like most, to carry out your interests and to share agreeable moments with the "villeros", "tinerfeños", "canarios". It is the best way of practising the knowledge of Spanish that you will be acquiring every day in Archipiélago. Speaking Spanish, to a larger or smaller extent, you will discover the best of many good things of the Canary islands: its people.


Our system of education is based in developing a course personalized in conformity with the needs and desires of the learner, dedicating a teacher for every student of Spanish. From the beginning, the learner will speak Spanish and will put into practice the acquired knowledge. Your teacher will insist in order that it should dominate the difficulties of the Spanish language.

If you think that you have lost your time in courses of Spanish in group, either because they were advancing very slow or because the pace was too rapid, why not trying out the Archipiélago method with us?

Our method is based on the experience as teachers of Spanish for foreigners and as pupils of other languages in other countries. After long years of study and professional experience, of good productive moments and also of many lost hours, the teachers of Archipiélago we have conceived a method in order that our learners progress in their knowledge of the Spanish, enjoy an agreeable stay us and do not lose their time and their money.

From courses of one week up to forty eight weeks, from ten to thirty hours for week of classes, where, beside coexisting with the teachers, one offers him the possibility of a personal course to his measure.

In a few weeks you will know the grammar, will dominate the conversation, will extend enormously his vocabulary and will enjoy with us an intense conviviality the language and the Spanish culture.


We offer several types of housing to our learners. If you wish a linguistic immersion program, you can lodge with teachers of Archipiélago at our manor, a historical building, cultural heritage of Canaries, which possesses a Canary court, garden, terraces and wide lounges.

Coexisting with the teachers, you will be able to assure the permanent practice of the knowledge that you are acquiring and, at the same time, to know the way of life of the Canary islands.

Probably, this is the principal characteristic of Archipiélago, that differences it from other ways of study of the Spanish and what does that you might practise during the whole day with your teachers the knowledge that you are acquiring in class. The learners can stay also in the hotels of the city or the neighboring city Puerto de la Cruz, in which they colaborate with archipiélago and offer to the learners good prices.


Message from the principal

Thank you for your interest towards Archipiélago.

We welcome you to our center, to La Orotava. We invite you to define with us an individual program in order that you receive in a short lapse of time more knowledge of the Spanish language than you can imagine. Your stay in Tenerife will be unforgettable and you will wish return to this island and to the Canary islands more times, to practise your knowledge of Spanish, but also to visit other parts of this only archipelago, which hides so many exchequers and which is at a few hours of plane of your country.

Forget about the stress, the hurries of the work and relax with us. It will be the best way of learning, the practises of Spanish and not to forget the secrets of the language and of our culture. And there is no best place to do it than in this part of the north of Tenerife, which has a soft climate all the year round, a tropical nature and encloses such an interesting history. The Canary islands are between the Iberian peninsula and Latin America, serving as bridge between one and another zone. Archipelago puts to your disposition some skilled teachers in teaching Spanish for people(as you are) who want to know our language, our culture. They will be permanently with you, with an unique method and a program specially made for you and those teachers will manage to eliminate your mistakes on grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation. We will achieve that you dream in Spanish.

See you soon!

Juan Martín ACEDO PEÑA


Learners and friends


"I wanted to do a course of Spanish but it was not possible because I always travel with my dogs. In Archipiélago they did also a site for my pets. It has been a formidable experience. The environment is familiar, the best way of knowing the Canary islands. After three weeks in Archipiélago, I travelled to other islands with all the advices that they gave to me. An unforgettable stay".

Michael (San Francisco)

"We had a familiar problem during the days that we were in Archipelago. Everybody there was very nice with us and they accompanied us all the time. We will return next year to follow the interrupted program and to thank them for it."

Michel y Michèle (Versalles)

"I am a teacher of languages in Switzerland and have started teaching Spanish. I knew well the grammar but it was necessary to me to practise it, to speak Spanish correctly with Spanish people, to correct little mistakes of all kinds. I was of vacations in Archipiélago with my husband and my small son. The center adapted to us, delimiting a zone for my family. While they were going to the beach, I was remaining with my teacher. I do not know anywhere in the world a center where it could make anything similar. I learned many things and I was charmed with La Orotava. I dream of living there and of having breakfast seeing the sea, the mountains and the volcano."

Valeria (Lugano)

"It took a wrong idea of the Canaries as a place full of foreigners', tourism of masses and heat. In Archipiélago and in La Orotava I found a surprising Spain, with many culture, paradisiac places, green mountains and charming people with whom I was practising what I was learning every day."

Anastasia (Moscow)

"The price of the program is very reasonable because I have had a teacher for myself for many hours and have done an authentic linguistic immersion in Spanish. I would like to have an Archipiélago also for other languages that I study."

Akim (Beirut)

"The system is very original and they give important attention to the conversation, which is what I needed most. My notebook of work is a great recollection of the program that I have done."

Amália (Lisboa)

"I was speaking a bit Spanish and the director of my newspaper told me that he had to go as correspondent to Argentina. A Spnish journalist companion recommended to me Archipiélago. I did in La Orotava an intensive particular course of four weeks. Little later I landed in Buenos Aires speaking an excellent Spanish, knowing many Argentine expressions, history and culture of the country of destination, customs, etc., thanks to the special course that they prepared for me."

Gilbert (Berlin)

"I did not know any word of Spanish. Two months after coming to Archipiélago I can say that I speak another language. I have worked hard. My teacher has done a great work with me. It is a magnificent investment. The life in Tenerife is very agreeable. I want to return, but this time to live there."

Suzanne (Montreal)

"I lived as a Spanish more."

Sergei (Kiev)

"Before coming to Tenerife I indicated which were my passions: the theatre and the cinema. I am an actress. My surprise was that on having come to Archipiélago they had prepared for me a course based on the classic Spanish theatre and the contemporary one, which I did not know. I enjoyed greatly and like that it did not turn out difficult to learn and to progress. I recommend Archipiélago to all those who want to improve very much his Spanish and to have a little time to do it. In two years in Paris I might not have learned what I did in two weeks in Tenerife."

Adèle (Paris)

"In Archipiélago we have found an education of quality. We have done incredible progresses. Our teacher did not stop until we managed to declare well "Cruz Roja", the letter jot, the double "r", etc. We learned very much vocabulary and real expressions. The method is really original and is the best investment in courses of languages. Things previously unattainable, like understanding what they say in the radio, now we can do. In addition, we have done wonderful excursions through the island of Tenerife and practised our favorite sports such as the scuba diving and the mountaineering."

Juliane y Charlie (Salzburg)

"I needed to learn Spanish once and for all. I had begun several courses but I never finished any because I was losing time: sometimes the group was going very rapidly and was losing myself; other times it was going very slowly and was boring me. I had three weeks of vacations before starting being employed at a new service at my bank related to Spain and Latin America. It was the best investment, I learned very much with my teacher, lived through real daily situations, learned many words and concepts related to my professional activity because the method was indeed individual and adapted to my needs and could also know a charming city and an island full of surprises. I returned to London after enjoying some magnificent and productive stay in Archipiélago."

Gemma (London)

"The teacher has corrected my pronunciation. It has been a hard because she was insistent with my failures and was not permitting continue speaking badly. But some classes were in the beach, in the cafeteria, in the park, and the program has been agreeable and very good. Now I sit down and feel sure when I speak Spanish."

Mike (Brussels)

"I am a translator. My teacher of Archipiélago prepared for me a program adapted to my needs. After a month in Archipiélago I appeared to the examination in my work and was able to incorporate the Spanish to the languages at which I am employed. The environment in Archipiélago is very cozy and the mansion is a small wonderful palace in which I was in charge of the garden during my free time."

Christina (Athens)

"My grandmother in The Philippines was speaking Spanish with me when I was a child but I forgot it. In Archipiélago I have recovered the language of my infancy, which was spoken by my forbears.”

Adeo (Manila)

"It knew the Spanish grammar because I had studied it in Japan but was not capable of speaking it, nor pronounce correctly or understand a conversation. Now I feel sure speaking Spanish."

Akira (Kyoto)




Archipiélago offers you two possibilities:

The principal one is a program of linguistic immersion that consists of particular and individual classes for the learners with their teachers and the conviviality with them. Like this, the learner will share with the teacher the breakfast, the food to the midday and the dinner, besides other moments during the day (coffee, leisure, purchases ...). The learner who follows this program will lodge at the manor of Archipiélago in a single room with an own bath.

Another possibility involves only coming to classes, in strict sense, of the particular teacher (always individuals, 1+1), in case the learner prefers lodging out of Archipiélago. If so, we can look for an hotel in La Orotava or in Puerto de la Cruz.

In these two cases, the learner will be able to chose the number of weekly classes of his choice:

·         Basic: 10 weekly hours

·         Intermediate: 15 weekly hours

·         Superior: 20 weekly hours

·         Intensive: 30 weekly hours.


In all cases, the classes last 50 minutes.

Class material is included in the price (but not the book nor the dictionary), and also an excursion on every sunday.

You can reserve also a service of withdrawal in the airport: in Tenerife North, to 25 kms. from La Orotava, costs about 25 Euros; in Tenerife South, to 90 kms. from La Orotava, about 75 Euros. If you wish information about the buses from the airports up to La Orotava, ask us for the information of schedules and prices or consult in Help / FAQ. In addition you can ask us for information of hotels, restaurants, museums, attractions and other services available in La Orotava and Puerto de la Cruz.

You can start the course on the day of the week of your choice.







One week



868 euros


998 euros


1.118 euros


1.268 euros

Two weeks



1.631 euros


1.875 euros


2.101 euros


2.383 euros

Three weeks



2.291 euros


2.634 euros


2.951 euros


3.347 euros

Four weeks



2.847 euros


3.273 euros


3.667 euros


4.159 euros

Five weeks



3.298 euros


3.792 euros


4.248 euros


4.818 euros



Program à la carte

The learner is the center of Archipiélago.

Our center is organized following your requirements, your likes, your wishes. We know for sure ther are not two identical learners. We will look for a solution if you need a special meal, if you need to travel with your family or your pet, if you want a schedule with a professor for you and your spouse or a group of friends, if you want also to do a course of diving, of paragliding or handcrafting, yoga, if you want to know the other Canary Islands, to play to golf, to practice tennis, to join a gym, to stay with us more weeks, to rent a car, hiking, to participate in agriculture works in a biological holiday farm...

Tell us with anticipation what is what you want and we will organize an individualized program for you.

Do not hesitate to put in touch with us ordering an e-mail to info@archipielagotenerife.com



The content of the classes will depend, logically, on your level of Spanish at your arrival to Archipiélago. It also will depend on your needs and your wishes.

The first day, you will establish together with your teacher your individual program. In the program we will include real situations in which you will practise your knowledge on Spanish: in trades, in meetings of groups of different type, using the telephone, computers, listening to the radio, seeing the television, a movie, theatre, etc.

As an example, here is a possible program of superior linguistic immersion(20 weekly class hours).



La Orotava, in the valley that also has this name, is a small city of 40.000 inhabitants that preserves a beautiful colonial and baroque architecture of the 18th century.

The german naturalist Alexander Von Humboldt said:

“I have found, under the sweltering zone, landscapes in which nature is more majestic, richer in the evolution of its organic forms. But I confess I have not seen anywhere such varied picture, of more attractive and more beautiful, for the distribution of the masses of vegetables and rocks, that the Valley of The Orotava, in Tenerife, not at least after having crossed the shores of the Orinoco, the mountain chains of Peru and the beautiful valleys of Mexico.”

This affirmation of 1799 still keeps being valid nowadays.

The Orotava preserves the colonial flavor of its paved streets, its architecture of the 17th, 18th and 19th century, its conference to the ocean and to the volcano Teide from any corner of the city, as well as the cozy disposition of its inhabitants and the ideal tranquility in order that you enjoy an unforgettable stay with us.

The historical landmark of La Orotava serves as scene for cinematographic productions for its rich monumental and natural heritage. "Clash of the titans", "One more hour in The Canaries", "Oscar, a surrealistic passion" and "The passenger" have been filmed in La Orotava. Even in our manor there was filmed "Indiana Jones in search of the lost idol" or "The decision of the Lupano". In the municipality La Orotava one finds the National Park of Las Cañadas del Teide, with the volcano Teide(3.718 meters), the highest mountain of Spain. Also the littoral of La Orotava, El Rincón, an agricultural zone protected with three natural beaches (El Bollullo, Los Patos and El Ancón) is of great beauty.


Tenerife is the largest of the seven islands and its volcano, el Teide, is the highest mountain of Spain(3.718 meters). The national park that surrounds the volcano constitutes an amazing spectacle. The island has two parts: the north relies on a tropical vegetation thanks to the winds of the Atlantic Ocean that push the clouds up to the mountains of the center of the island whereas the south and the east are arid zones.

The existence of microclimates allows in winter to go from the snowed mountains to a sunny beach in less time than an hour. Both airports of Tenerife join the island in direct flights with almost the whole Europe and, across Madrid, with any country.

This video was recorded between April 4 and 11, 2011. "I had the pleasure of visiting the Teide, in Tenerife, the highest mountain of Spain(3.718 meters). It is one of the best places of the world to photograph the stars. The aim was to capture the Milky Way and the impressive mountains that surround the volcano Teide". (Terje Sorgjerd, Norwegian photographer)

The Milky Way on el Teide:

Fuente: http://apod.nasa.gov/

The Canary islands constitute an archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean. Its geographic location guarantees a magnificent climate all the year round.

The western islands are humid and green due to the trade winds and the islands most near the African continent are arid. The Canaries have an exceptional flora and fauna. You will be able to visit four national parks of great ecological interest and dozens of volcanoes.

Being Spanish since its conquest for the Castilians in the 14th and 15th centuries, these islands received population also from Ireland, Italy and Germany. In turn, many Canaries emigrated to Cuba, Venezuela or Argentina. The Canaries is the cradle of Benito Perez Galdós, the principal Spanish writer of the 19th century.



Obligatory field *




Birth date


Native language



Phone number


Have you ever been a learner of Archipiélago?

Are you currently learning Spanish?

Why do you need to speak Spanish?


How many weekly hour do you wish?

Starting date


How did you know Archipiélago?

Which is your level of Spanish?

-          Beginner. I do not speak nor understand Spanish.

-          Elemental. I can speak sentences of simple structure.

-          Basic. I can understand an easy conversation.

-          Intermediate. I understand conversations and I know how to be understood.

-          Superior. I can speak fluid sentences, however I commit some mistakes.

-          Advanced. I understand and speak correctly about many affairs, with few mistakes.



Do you want to stay in Archipiélago and realise the linguistic immersion?

Do you want to be picked up at the airport?

Flight information

Form of payment

How do you want to pay?

-          Credit card / Paypal

-          Check

-          Pay by cash

-          Bank wire transfer



After filling the previous sections, reading and accept the Terms and conditions, please, send this formulary. We will contact you soon to confirm the reservation.

I accept the terms and conditions.




Terms and conditions



1. General

1. Archipiélago is an intensive, particular and individual method. It is open all the year round. Since is a question of an intensive method, the learner will also receive individual class in the bank holidays that could exist between Monday and Friday. Every Saturday the learner continues with the linguistic immersion, coexisting with the teachers. Every Sunday the learner will take part in an activity of nature together with other resident Spanish in Tenerife, accompanied by a professional guide.

2. To accept the present conditions, you compromise to respect the personnel and other students and to take care of the facilities. No uncivic behavior will be admitted and it can suppose the suspension or the cancellation of the course without right to reimbursement.

3. The company does not accept any responsibility in case of accident, disease, loss or hurt of personal effects. We recommend you to obtain an insurance adapted before leaving your native land. If you want to organize this with us, please put in contact with us previously.

2. Reservation of the course

You must pay the full course before the first day of your arrival, at least two weeks before.

The course fee is not refundable, except where notice is given at least 15 days prior to the start date [see 'Cancelling the program'). If necessary apply for a visa, we advise students to reserve a place in time.

The course fee is not transferable to any other person. If for serious reasons duly substantiated, the student is unable to start the course itself may choose a new start date, provided that you notify 15 days in advance of that date and what takes place in less than twelve months.

There is no refund if the student is late or not incorporated attend all or part of the course. The course duration is not extended by absence or illness. No refunds in case of interruption or cancellation of classes due to circumstances beyond the responsibility of the site such as weather conditions, incidents of public transport, strikes, etc..

There will correspond to the learner the bank charges that existed both in the payment of the course and in the reimbursements.

For the best individual course preparation, students must indicate at the time of booking your course of Spanish and why you want to do a crash course in particular. So we can tell the best materials from the first day.

The learner must purchase the appropriate textbook for your course as directed by your teacher. The learner will replace the books, records and movies that have been lost or damaged.

The teachers of the courses may change at any time at the discretion of the center.

The center reserves the right to change the dates and times, rates and details without notice. Students who have initiated or supported courses will not be affected by such changes.

3. Cancelling the program

1. If you cancel your program (classes or classes and lodging in the linguistic immersion) before the beginning of it, the following quantities will be returned:

· Pre-announced cancellation 22 days or more before the date of the beginning of the program: 100 % of return of the total price quotas of the program.

· Cancellation 15-21 days before the date of the beginning of the program: 50 % of return of the price quotas of the program.

· Cancellation 14 days or less before the date of the program: there is no refund.

2. Nevertheless, for justified and properly documented reasons, the learner will be able to postpone the program if was warning with at least 15 days of anticipation and will be able to carry out it in another moment throughout the following 12 months, at the conclusion of which will not be able to claim the return of the reservation of the program.

3. The expenses of cancellation are applied to any cancellation of the program for any motive, included the refusal of visa.

4. Any notification of cancellation of the program must be confirmed ordinarily in writing and by post(not by telephone or e-mail).

5. The reimbursements will be done in agreement by the method of original payment. The charges of the transaction will be chargeable to the pupil and they will be deduced of the reimbursed amount.

4. Arrival

1. The learner can request information to come to our center from the airport. The airport Tenerife North is 25 kms. from La Orotava (approximately 10-35 Euros of taxi). The airport Tenerife South is 90 kms. from La Orotava. There is bus service from Tenerife North(direct)to La Orotava and from Tenerife South (with transfer in Santa Cruz or in Puerto de la Cruz). The center will facilitate the schedules and the lines to the learner if indicates the flight to us and the hour of foreseen arrival. The center can help also to rent a car in the same airport.

5. Schedules

1. The programs include 10, 15, 20 or 30 classes per week. Every class lasts 50 minutes. Besides the individual classes with the teacher, the learner will realize tasks as watching movies, study, etc.

2. The classes take place from Monday to Friday. On Saturday there is no class. On Sunday the learner will take part in an excursion.

3. The classes will be able to be given at the center or in other places(markets, trades, administrations, cafeterias, restaurants, etc.) to face the learner to real-life situations.

4. At the beginning of the program, the teacher and the learner will establish the schedule of the program in conformity with the availabilities of the center.

5. The program of linguistic immersion includes to share breakfast, lunch and dinner with the teachers in the schedule that determines the center. The learner with a special diet will have to indicate it in advance. There is understood that the learner will share with the personnel of the center and companions the domestic reasonable tasks.

6. Accommodation

1.  For a better utilization of the program, we advise the housing in the own center shared with the teachers.

2.  It is not allowed smoke inside the center. It can done in the outdoors.

3.  The learner will have to respect the tranquility of the center and do a diligent use of the facilities.

4.  The learner can choose lodge, nevertheless, at hotels of La Orotava or of nearby municipalities (Puerto de la Cruz, for example). If so, the center will be able to facilitate a list of them to the learner. The learner will contract directly with them, being able to help our center, if the learner wishes it, as intermediary. The conditions of reservation, cancellation or others are the own ones of every hotel, without being our center responsible for it.

5.  If you need to lodge with familiar or other accompanists, you can do it equally in our center but we remember you that, in order to preserve the excellent results of the program of linguistic immersion of our center, there are zones where Spanish is the only language spoken.

6. If you visit us with his pet, indicate it to us with the necessary anticipation to reserve the space adapted for it.

7. The teachers and the personnel of our center will do everything possible in order that you feel like in your house. The learner will collaborate with them for good of all and will attend to your indications.

8. The expenses of housing are not refundable in case of interruption of your stay after the beginning of your program. In case the learner thinks that the housing is not the appropriate one, the center will offer a suitable alternative.

7. Certificate

1.  At the end of his stay, the learner will receive a certificate of the center that will accredit to have realized the program.

8. Complementary activities

1.  The center will facilitate the learner who wish such complementary activities courses of kitchen, workshops of crafts, sports (swimming, tennis, scuba diving, parapente, gymnastics …), visits to other islands, etc.



Frequent Asked Questions(FAQ)



Some questions and frequent answers on our school and our courses. If you have a question that you would like to ask that it is not here, contact us.

It is better for me an individual course, 1-1?

There are persons who want to know many people of different countries while they study a language. This has the advantage of knowing people of other cultures and of practising languages… that are different from the one that one wants to study and to learn. The method Archipiélago, 1-1, a teacher-a learner, has the advantage that in few days the learner improves both in knowledge of Spanish and in many weeks of groups of several learners. A teacher for the learner to speak, to help with the pronunciation and the vocabulary, to answer to questions of grammar, as well as to manage the lesson with efficiency.

Can I start the course in any moment?

Yes, any day. And to end any day also. Archipiélago gets accommodated to your needs, not upside-down.

Which is the minimal time required for a course?

The minimal duration of a course is a week. We advise, at least, two weeks.

There is an examination of Spanish at the beginning?

A conversation with your teacher and a little written test the first day will be sufficient to know your level, your knowledge, your expectations, your tastes and the best way of focusing the program adapted to you.

How can I know if my Spanish is improving in Archipiélago?

With your teacher, you will practise Spanish in real life: at the supermarket, at shops, at museums, in cafeterias, in sports groups and excursions, according to what you wish. Every few days, the learner will analyze with the teacher the results of the method and they will do the improvements that they create opportune.

Shall I have to buy a book?

Yes, in most cases. But every learner is unique, every course is different and the teachers will indicate the most adapted adapted for the learner. The learner can bring also books of study of Spanish, grammar, dictionaries, etc. To take better advantage of the Archipiélago method, the learners have also to read the books that the teacher indicates them and study the necessary lessons.

Can I use sports and cultural facilities of La Orotava?

Yes. You can use the swimming pool, gymnasium, spa, sauna, etc. Of The Orotava. Also the Municipal Library and the library of Archipiélago.

There are banks close to Archipiélago?

Yes, with cash dispensers of the principal networks.

What do I do after landing in the airport of Tenerife?

There are two airports in Tenerife that connect with Europe:

·         Tenerife North is 25 kilometres away. In taxi the trip approximately costs 30 Euros. Ask to be transported to La Orotava once entered El Ramal. There will see two avenues with flags and will arrive to La Orotava. After a circular square, Plaza de la Paz, 500 meters more enter into the "Obispo Benítez de Lugo" avenue, turn right in the Avenida Islas Canarias, come to the church of San Agustín, then "plaza de la Constitution"(also called "plaza del quiosco") and turn below and right in the Tomás Zerolo street. There are we. If you want to take a bus, every hour the number 107 and number 108 buses goes out of Tenerife North and takes you for little money up to La Orotava.

·         Tenerife South is further, to 90 kilometres. Every half hour the number 111 bus joins this airport with Santa Cruz and there can take the numbers 107 or 108 bus up to La Orotava.

If you wish it, we can send a driver to the airport in order to bring you up to Archipiélago.

Can I rent a car in Tenerife?

Yes, to very cheap price. Contact us and you will be able to pick it up at the airport or in La Orotava.

How can I register in Archipiélago?

You can do it via the Internet, refilling the form, by post or in person. If you need help, please, contact us: info@archipielagotenerife.com, T. +0034 922 32 56 57 & T. +34 626 25 48 44.

When must I register?

To reserve a course 1-1- it is necessary to organize classes, lodging, schedules, etc. Reserve as soon as possible, please, and pay the totality of the program with at least two weeks of anticipation before the day of your arrival.

What does happen if I must change, to postpone or to annul my program?

If you cancel your program (classes or classes and lodging in the linguistic immersion) before the beginning of it, the following quantities will be applied:

·         Pre-announced cancellation 22 days or more before the date of the beginning of the program: 100 % of return of the total price quotas of the program.

·         Cancellation 15-21 days before the date of the beginning of the program: 50 % of return of the price quotas of the program.

·         Cancellation 14 days or less before the date of the beginning of the program: there is no refund.

Nevertheless, for justified and properly documented reasons, the learner will be able to postpone the program if was warning with at least 15 days of anticipation and will be able to carry out it in another moment throughout the following 12 months, at the conclusion of which will not be able to claim the return of the reservation of the program.

If desire to lodge at a hotel, will I be close to Archipiélago?

The hotels of La Orotava that collaborate with Archipiélago are to a few minutes walking of our center. If you prefer it, we can also indicate you some hotels in Puerto de la Cruz, a more tourist city, to six kilometres from La Orotava and connected to it with buses.

Any other question?

We will answer you by email or by phone. Thank you very much.



In detail


Archipiélago, the center of Spanish for foreigners founded in 1999 is specialized in programs of linguistic immersion and particular individual courses. Its method, "One on One", a teacher for every learner, guarantees the major level of learning and the maximum attention on the part of the student along the whole program. The program is elaborated for every learner, analyzing the previous knowledge and insisting on correcting the mistakes and difficulties that the student could have. We will design a program to the apropriate measure. No learner is equal. Each of our programs and courses is personal.

The program of linguistic immersion is not only conformed by classes. We take charge through that the pupil " lives in Spanish " and in the real circumstances of the daily life. In Archipiélago we take charge that this daily life gets accommodated to your tastes and interests.

The different formation and experience of our teachers assures a learning from different approaches, establishing personal systematic programs, depending on the needs of the learner, assuring every step in the way of the learning of the Spanish language and of the culture.

Archipiélago is in the historical center of Villa de La Orotava (Tenerife), city of colonial architecture where you will be able to take part fullly of the daily, cultural and social life of its inhabitants, far from the tourist centers of masses but having benefit of the principal captivations of Tenerife: climate, landscapes, cultural heritage, gastronomy, nature, and, especially, its charming people.

You will learn directly of your teacher

Tired of studying, of doing courses and not managing to do fundamental progresses and dominate Spanish? Do you think that oftenly in the courses of languages in group you lose your time because the level of your companions is too low or, on the contrary, too high? At some time have you "learned" mistakes of your companions of course thinking that they knew more than you and, therefore, you were thinking that the mistakes of them were a correct Spanish? How many hours in courses have you lost because the teacher was explaining things that you already knew?

The method Archipiélago, One on One, sharing lodge with the teachers, will allow you to learn in a most efficient, sure and rapid way by means of an immersion in the language and Spanish culture. You will do enormous progresses in Spanish in a natural way in vocabulary, grammar, conversation or pronunciation.

Systematic and personal programs

It is true. A course in which you will enjoy a teacher exclusively for you in the classes, since in Archipiélago, can be more a little more expensive than a course of language in which you would receive classes with five, ten or more learners and with whom, undoubtedly, you will make friends of the whole world with whom you will speak in any language… but not in Spanish. If it is what you want, any other school, any other method will serve you. Archipiélago is not for you!

But we know that your time is money and that it is better to invest your efforts and ours in a program of linguistic immersion and particular individual course. If this one is the case, welcome to Archipiélago!

Each of our lessons is thought in order that you progress in the learning of the Spanish, the vocabulary, grammar, speaking the language, listening, writing, reading, improving the pronunciation, intonation and knowing new aspects of the Spanish and Latin-American culture.

Archipiélago offers specific programs for professionals teaching Spanish, Business Spanish, Spanish law and preparation of DELE(Diploma Español Lengua Extranjera).

Dinamic courses: Learn the Spanish that you need

Each course has an specific objective of the knowledge of Spanish. For it, you will have to realise a little work, which will be corrected by your teacher, to assure the learning. Along your individual program, your teacher will be at all time attentive to the difficulties that the Spanish has for you, so that together can confront them.

Linguistic immersion

One week in linguistic immersion in Archipiélago will allow you to advance more than a whole course with other methods.

In Archipiélago you will not listen to another language, and we will not permit you to speak another one! Not only in the classes: from the breakfast with your teachers until they go to bed, you will live in Spanish. Do not be surprised of us if even slept you manage to dream in Spanish! And at all time a teacher of Spanish will help you with your doubts and he or she will correct your mistakes. To commit mistakes is normal when speaking a foreign language but during your program in Archipiélago you will be surprised how fast you learn with to overcome them. Your questions will have immediate response.

In addition, Archipiélago will offer you complementary activities, in conformity with your preferences, in order that you practise every day the Spanish you are learning in the course. All this will make your stay in Tenerife with us unforgettable.